Immune system: Reduce sickness by eating oily fish and reducing added sugar says expert

Your immune system is your greatest health asset and does so much more than merely protect you against infection.

Research shows that it plays a major role in every single aspect of your mental and physical health.

When it's working properly, your immune system will reduce your susceptibility to infection and disease

improve your ability to recover if you do get sick and stave off unwanted inflammation, age-related immune decline and chronic disease.

Dark green vegetables which include kale, chard, spinach, rocket, Brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli should also be on top of the list.

“All of these types of vegetables provide a variety of beneficial micronutrients, such as vitamin A and magnesium, but also folate, an important nutrient in supporting methylation.

Doctor Macciochi explained: “Legumes are rich in fibre to feed and fertilise your microbiome. “They are also a good source of plant protein.

When it comes to the optimal health value for fruits and vegetables, opt for those which are orange as these are a form of plant-based vitamin A, said Doctor Macciochi.