In March, inflation in Italy recorded an increase of 1% on a monthly basis and of 6.5% on an annual basis (from + 5.7% in the previous month) 

An acceleration, clarified Istat, also this month mainly due to the prices of energy goods, whose growth passes from + 45.9% in February to + 50.9% 

in particular those of the non-regulated component (from + 31.3% to + 36.4%) 

while the prices of the regulated component continue to be almost double those recorded in the same month last year (+ 94.6%, as in February).  

It is the blame, needless to say, of the war in Ukraine unleashed by Vladimir Putin's Russia 

and the growing pressure on energy supplies that run from Moscow throughout Europe

As a result, the increase in gas, electricity and fuel also impacts the prices of both processed (from + 3.1% to + 3.9%) and unprocessed (from + 6.9% to + 8%) food goods ). 

without the government's interventions on VAT on gas and excise duties on fuels,

in March, inflation would have jumped to 7.5%. 

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